2017 Must See Landmarks In Omaha NE

If you are planning a holiday or a weekend out, then maybe it is time you considered paying a visit to Omaha NE. Omaha is a city in Nebraska that is known for its unique attraction features and landmarks that makes it a very popular tourist destination. The city boasts of its wide natural heritage, museums and many art displays that are open to the public. Today we will be looking at some of the amazing landmarks and features that you must make a point of visiting while in Omaha.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium- Ohama's Henry is one of the places that make Omaha a unique and attractive city. It is a very big facility and offers shelter to many types of special and unique exhibits. Among the unique features in this zoo include the Dome Desert, which is recognized globally as the largest desert in the world with an indoor setting. You will also come across the Kingdoms of the night exhibit where you will see almost all creatures of the darkness including huge bats and beavers. Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium is another unique feature to be found in this zoo. Here, you get a chance of walking through a shark tunnel which is seventy foot long.
Old Market District- Old Market District is another place of interest that you should pay a visit. Old Market District is a home to many historical buildings. In this place, you get to see a lot of interesting structures that were built many years ago. In the Old Market District, you will also come across several art galleries that range from the eclectic to the more contemporary once. Old Market District is a favourite destination for both local and foreign tourists who flock this area especially on weekends and during holidays.
Performing Arts Centre- Performing Arts Center is another unique landmark to be found in Ohama. In this place, you come across two venues, the Holland Center for the Performing Arts and also the Orpheum Theater. In Orpheum Theater, you will be entertained by the various interesting and amazing dance shows, Broadway shows and comedy shows. The Holland center, on the other hand, is a modern and acoustic building and hosts the Omaha Symphony. It is in Holland Center that some of the world's famous and re-known musicians were hosted.
Saint Cecilia Cathedral- Saint Cecilia Cathedral is one of the key landmarks of this city. This cathedral was opened in 1905 and rests on a hill overlooking the city. Saint Cecilia cathedral is very famous and it is believed to have been built with over three million bricks. People flock to this place to see the glass windows that are said to be over five hundred years old. The most unique feature of this cathedral is the portrait of Virgin Mary which can be seen on one part of the glass. In the portrait, Virgin Mary is seen holding an ear made of corn!