Chiropractic Testimonials

"The people here are great! They are super friendly and really take the time to get to know you. Dr. Goss is a miracle worker. I had some very bad lowered back pain; I had to wear a belt support just so that I could get through my work day. I'm now belt free and I feel great thanks to Dr. Goss."

- Kinda L.

"Was recommended to go to Dr. Goss by my dad. I went to a bad chiropractor before and was kind of scared to try another one. Dr. Goss figured out my problem and has helped my back feel better. It was a process, but I feel 100 times better than the first visit. Kelsey and Maggie, the front desk girls are very friendly and helpful too. I usually have no problem showing up an hour before my appointment and they get me right in."

- Kelli D.

"SUPERB in every way! When you walk in the front door you are welcomed by friendly smiling Kelsey. Always prompt professional service from everyone that works at Omaha Wellness Center. Dr Ryan Goss is such a knowledgeable wellness professional! He knows exactly what to do to improve your life and diminish your pain. Give them a call and experience the difference yourself. BEST in Omaha!"

- Gloria S.

"I have been truly impressed by the team at Omaha Wellness Center. Not only the level of professionalism, but also the wealth of knowledge and care of the whole person attitude. I greatly appreciate Dr. Goss' approach to health - working to be proactive rather than reactive, therefore, emphasizing an overall healthy lifestyle, with chiropractic care only being one facet."

Thank you, Dr. Goss, Kelsey and Maggie!

- Breeane P.

"Omaha Wellness Center has helped me get on track to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. Dr. Goss and his staff are awesome! I would recommend this team if you are wanting to better your health and overall lifestyle."

- Patti S.

"I started seeing Dr. Goss about four months ago. I found out about the Omaha Wellness Center through work. I had chronic low back pain and neck/shoulder pain with frequent headaches for years. I had been to one other chiropractor in the past but quit going as I did not feel like it was helpful. My way of coping included Ibuprofen, ice, heat, massage and rest. It was hard to stand in one position for more than five minutes. Exercise was not a part of my routine, even walking any great distance was challenging. I decided to give chiropractic care another try.

My initial visit with Dr Goss was very thorough. I felt very comfortable with the plan he had for me. I understood that my problems were chronic and weren't going to be fixed in a few visits. Four months later, I am feeling so much better. I did have some bumps along the way but there is such an improvement in my level of pain. I am able to walk without pain. Little things like standing to do dishes or make a meal without pain are priceless. I am continuing my plan and will be on maintenance soon to keep everything corrected. I feel better, I sleep better, and I am very happy I gave chiropractic another chance."

- Nicole T.

"I have had nothing but positive outcome with the help of Dr. Goss and his treatments. I have suffered from back and hip issues for many years having difficulty walking very far and when shopping often found myself using an electric cart, because of the pain I would experience walking and standing for long period, starting to sweat profusely, shooting pain in my legs, back locking up. But now with working with Doctor Ryan Goss he has allowed me for the first time in years I can go shopping and walk no cart, I have experienced less nueropathy pain in my legs and for the first time in along while I have found hope that I can become more functional than the last few years. Taking supplements that Doctor Goss suggested has been a great reward to my body and with all this I'm finding weight loss as well. Omaha Wellness Center, Dr. Goss, Kelsey, and Maggie have all been truly a God send."

- MaLinda H.


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