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Primary Spine Care represents the next generation of spine care in Omaha NE. This model of interprofessional care creates a thorough and comprehensive approach to spinal health. Advanced and post-graduate training allows qualified Doctors to utilize current trends in diagnosis, treatment and management of mechanical spine pain. Post-graduate work includes advanced training in; MRI Spine Interpretation, Spinal Biomechanics, Spinal Trauma, Triage and Coordination of Care. Click HERE to view Dr. Goss' CV and a complete list of his education, training and Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma Fellowship work.


Primary Spine Care is a patient-centered model of care specializing in the diagnosis and management of mechanical (non-specific) spine pain. Current research demonstrates the need for a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach to spine pain. Dr. Goss of Omaha Wellness Center engages in on-going training allowing him to properly assess, triage, diagnose and treat patients with spine pain. The spine moves in a predictable pattern and when it doesn't or even moves paradoxically (opposite), there is biomechanical pathology. This pathology can now be objectified giving qualified and credentialed Doctors the ability to know when to treat, when to co-manage with other providers and when to refer out.

Why Primary Spine Care?

Emerging trends in research supports the need for non-narcotic and non-surgical interventions for mechanical (non-specific) spine pain particularly after injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, slips/falls, and trauma.

There are 2 primary reasons for spine pain; Anatomical Pathology and Biomechanical Pathology. Anatomical pathology consists of conditions such as broken bones (fractures), dislocations, herniated discs, tumor, and infection. These conditions threaten the structural integrity of the spinal column and give way to potentially serious and life-threatening damage to the spinal cord/ central nervous system. If an anatomical condition is identified, the patient must be triaged and immediately referred to the appropriate specialist.

The good news is 90-95% of the time, spine pain is the result of biomechanical pathology. Simply put, a biomechanical lesion affects how the spine moves (or doesn't move) which ultimately interferes with the spine's ability to balance itself (from front to back and side-side).  This spinal instability is responsible for causing debilitating pain in millions of people every year. Research shows that up to 80% of people suffer from spine pain at some point in their life and given the recommendations by most all Medical Associations away from opioid management, a safe, evidence-based, efficacious and cost-effective solution is needed. Primary Spine Care fills this role.


No. But as more Primary Care Physicians, Pain Management Doctors, Orthopedic Specialists, Spinal Surgeons, Physical therapists, Emergency Department Personnel, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Triage Nurses, Urgent Care Facility Doctors and Physical Therapists are integrating with Chiropractic, is it becoming commonplace for your medical provider to utilize and refer out to a Primary Spine Care Specialist.


To get started, you can simply call Omaha Wellness Center in Omaha at (402) 397-8980 or click HERE to schedule your initial appointment. During this appointment you will consult with the Doctor regarding your condition. If you are a candidate for care you will undergo a comprehensive orthopedic/ neurological exam and if necessary, X-rays. Once your results are reviewed, recommendations will be made for treatment, further follow-up studies (e.g. MRI) or you will be referred out to the appropriate specialist.


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