The Best Parks and Museums Located In Omaha NE

Omaha, NE is a center for tourists attraction with so many beautiful sites, historical sites, parks and museums. Omaha is a favorite destination for many people who spend their weekends and holidays exploring the many adventurous and fun attraction centers that Omaha has to offer. In this article, we will be looking at the top museums and parks that you must visit, at least once in your lifetime!

The Durham Museum- The Durham Museum is housed in a spectacular Art Deco building. The museum mainly deals with showing the history of the local area and people. In the Steam Locomotive Stations, there are exhibits showcasing the technology used in making these locomotives. Another thing of interest here is the Suzanne and the Walter Scott Great halls where exhibits of Art Deco architecture are showcased. The Durham Museum is just a short walk away from the Old District Market.
First National's Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park- This is a free attraction and it is one of the most unique and best outdoor art setup which is permanent in the whole country. It is made up of bronze and also stainless steel and boasts of a global recognition as one of the largest parks of this nature in the world. In this place, you can see as long wagon trains move through the hilly and usually muddy terrain. You also get a chance to see large flocks of geese or herds of bison in their natural habitat.
Joslyn Art Museum- This art museum was opened in 1931 and was gifted to the citizens of Omaha by Sarah Joslyn as a commemoration of her husband by the name George. The exterior of this museum is made of Etowah Fleuri marble and it is amazing to watch its pink hue especially in the light. This museum is the largest art museum in Nebraska and it has a wide range of Baroque and also Greek pottery. The museum also showcases the work of famous people such as the works of Alfred Jacob Miller and Charles Bird King.
Omaha Children's Museum- Omaha Children's home was started in 1976 and has remained a tourist destination for both local and foreign tourists. This museum boasts of eight indoor exhibits which are permanent and also one outdoor exhibit. The museum mostly focuses on things such as creativity, science, technology, arts and also zoology. Just outside the museum, Sandy's Splish Splash Garden is located. This garden is usually opened from the Memorial Day to the labour day in summer to offer a refreshing shelter from the hot summer temperatures. You can also watch the unique exhibits that are always showcased here on regular basis.
Stinson Park- Stinson Park is another Top park in Omaha. The park is best visited on weekends. On Saturdays, you get a chance to watch various concerts taking place in this park and on Sundays, there is a Farmers Market and fitness session in the park where you get to try some exercises such as yoga and Zumba. A nice sidewalk goes around this park and people find this an ideal place to go for a bike ride or a walk.