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Lifestyle Care is based on providing the human body with the requirements necessary to express health/ achieve homeostasis. We must eat, move and think according to our genetic requirements. The goal of a healthy lifestyle is to promote good health in Omaha NE and to shift focus away from sickness and treatment (it is not diagnosis centered or symptom/condition-based care).

Wellness identifies all poor health or sickness as rooted in two things: TOXICITY AND DEFICIENCY. Simply put, we are missing something the body needs to be healthy (deficiency) or we are exposed to something the body has no genetic defense against (toxicity).

We Can Get & Stay Well in Omaha NE Through The 3 Pillars of Health

EAT WELL- Proper diet and nutrition

MOVE WELL- Movement/exercise is an essential nutrient.

THINK WELL- Thoughts control your choices; your choices determine your quality of life

Along with the 3 Pillars of Health, research in the emerging field of Epigenetics is re-writing our understanding of sickness, disease and inheritance.

Epigenetics has demonstrated it is not just our genes that determines our level of health; it is the expression of our genes. The expression of our genes is determined by our environment and the choices we make in our environment. Health and sickness is not about what genes you were born with; health and sickness is about which genes you express. Which genes you express is all about the lifestyle choices you consistently make.

Lifestyle Care utilizes Dr. James Chestnut's Wellness and Prevention Solutions:

  • Online Health Risk Assessments (HRA)- Establishes current health status and potential risk factors.
  • Innate Choice™ Essential Nutritional Supplementation- Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Probiotics, Synthetic-Free, 100% Organic Multi-Vitamin
  • 90 Day Lifestyle Plans- Comprehensive online program covering all aspects essential for recovery or for further enhance well-being.

Give yourself the opportunity to give yourself a better life!


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